Does a Patient Have a Right to Their Clinical Notes?

I received a REALLY good question recently. I find this is something many dental offices struggle to answer correctly, so I thought I’d share the answer with you… Hey Tink, We had a parent request “records” from our office. Our doctor wanted me to check with you about verbiage to use for our response.  We always offer to send films and the ledger, but we don’t send clinical notes.  Is this the standard? Hey Rosalie, your practice’s response is typical. However, depending on what information the patient (or, in this case, parent) is requesting, may or may not be a lawful...

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Data Dumpster Diving

What is Data Dumpster Diving? Data dumpster diving is a common tactic used by hackers and thieves. They sift through the trash of others in hopes of discovering confidential personal and corporate information. This tactic is often the first used in a serious intrusion because going through the trash is a simple process compared to penetrating a firewall, deploying Trojans, stealing passwords, etc… to get the same information. Hackers know that people are the weakest link in the security chain and it only takes one person to improperly and illegally dump sensitive documents in the trash to hand over a...

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