Still don't know how compliance and success are related?

Michael Gerber in The ‘E’- Myth (Revisited) illustrates the importance of developing duplicate-able systems. He demonstrates that a business owner’s value is in their system. This makes sense (dollars too, BILLIONS of them!) Look at McDonald's, KFC, Wal-Mart, and EVERY other successful business in America. Every one of those businesses has systems that are duplicate-able, ensure consistency, and, as a result, are worth LOTS of money. Well, every one of those corporations, from KFC’s 11 herbs and spices and their special chicken pressure-fryer to Papa Johns’ fresher ingredients and better pizza, license (franchise) their systems. Those companies make oodles of money...

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Tooth Cop's Rules of Recordkeeping

After many years of Compliance Consulting in Dentistry, I have come up with a set of Recordkeeping Guidelines, which I affectionately call: "Tooth Cop's Rules of Record Keeping" 1. If it is not written down, it did not happen and it was not discussed 2. When in doubt, write it out 3. You can never write too much 4. Be objective with documentation 5. Be timely with documentation 6. Be clear, concise and accurate   Click here to get a Downloadable Tooth Cop's Rules of Record Keeping Poster!Make today your greatest ever! And if you want some face time with yours truly... Click HERE and we can schedule...

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Beware of the Script Keeper or at Least Make Sure They're Trained

Let's face it, the day to day operations of working in a dental practice can get crazy! As the dentist, you can be pulled in three (or more) different directions, and your team members try their best to keep you on track! There are times when a patient needs a prescription and you need one of your staff members to help facilitate the process.  Do your employees have delegated duties, such as: 1.   Preparing, for your signature, written prescriptions for controlled substances in those instances where you have expressly directed the employee to do so and where you have specified...

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Clinic Laundry - Are You Hanging by a Thread?

What do you do with your clinic laundry? What should you be doing? Read the following scenario while you think about it: It’s the end of a busy and productive day at the office. So busy that you’ve got to rush to pick up your child from daycare. The first thing your boy does is run straight to you embraces you in a giant hug. So sweet right? That depends. Did you take off your cloth lab jacket BEFORE you left the office? If not, then you’ve just exposed your child to patient “ick”. Gross! That’s not something you want...

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The Lowdown on Tuberculosis

TB is an airborne disease meaning it is spread from person-to-person by air. Dental Health Care Workers (DHCW) must be provided adequate PPE, which in this case requires the use of respirator masks for which DHCW must be fit tested annually by a qualified occupational health specialist.

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