Cheap Dentists Go to Jail

Cheap Dentists Go to Jail

Dentists are known for their frugality. But when does being cheap cost too much?

Dentists, themselves, tell me they are cheap. Our words project our thoughts. Some things are not worth bragging about though.

Dentists have varied attitudes about compliance. Some dentists strive to do everything right. Others, well, they’re exhausted by the added burdens of keeping up with government mandates and avoid dealing with the requirements for a number of reason, such as high costs, the expense involved, time involved, confusion or lack of understanding, and etc.

I won’t tell you I support every law that you have to comply with. Frankly, like many of you, I think some laws are a waste of time and effort. Compliance DOES cost time and $$. However, when you put solid systems in place it is a beautiful way to control your liability and minimize adversity and hardship for your practice, your life.

You have to comply with the law, but it is up to you whether you actually do. There is no get-out-of-jail-free card if you get caught breaking the law, whether by accident or on purpose. Make the investment into your practice and put systems in place to protect you.

More so than any other time in history, do not be penny-wise and pound-foolish when it comes to regulatory compliance and risk management. To do so could cost you everything. 

Get help and ensure the long-term health of your practice. Times have changed and the likelihood of avoiding a brush with the government or third-party payors is slim (at best). Get the training and support that you need. Invest in your practice.

I understand the impact to your practice if you are found in violation of the law. You should too!

My commitment is to support you and help you protect your practice. How can you possibly fault me for that?

Need consoling? Need to gripe? Need Help? Lay it on me. Let’s talk!

*** Duane Tinker ***
Chief Compliance Coach & Consultant
Dental Compliance Specialists


Dental Compliance Specialists helps make dental offices safer for patients, dentists and their employees. We help our clients develop and maintain their compliance programs including OSHA/Infection Control, HIPAA, DEA regulations and prescribing practices, Radiation Safety, OIG/Medicaid Compliance, Record Auditing, and more by providing actionable systems, easy-to-use tools, robust training, and accountability. Most of our clients have never been in trouble and want to keep it that way. Sometimes, though, dentists call when they are in trouble. In either case, we are there to make a meaningful difference. If you need help call us at 817-755-0035.


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