What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?

I put out a lot of TOP NOTCH compliance content from this blog to the podcast, "Talking with the ToothCop." I know a lot of you benefit from this content, but some of you might not know what we do....cause let's face it, writing blogs and yakking on a podcast, don't pay the bills. So here's a short synopsis of what we do for our clients and how we keep the lights on here at DCS.

1. Who do we work with at Dental Compliance Specialists?

We work with dentists young and old. We work with small solo-dentist practices, dental group practices, multi-location practices, and multi-state Dental Services Organizations. We have clients of every dental discipline (and a few that are of non-ADA recognized disciplines too)! We work with dentists, spouses, office managers, corporate compliance professionals and everyone in between that has an interest in the practice! 

HOWEVER, We don't work with everyone who calls us. We work only with professionals who are serious about doing it right for themselves, their staff and their patients. Our clients are coachable, engaged and have their heads and hearts in the right place. 

Anyone can master compliance with the right resources, enough time studying the craft (how do you think I did it?). Compliance is challenging and compliance requirements change constantly; it is a dynamic process by which dentists can leverage to safeguard their dental practice/ nest egg. The discipline uses the leverage of time, knowledge, resources and systems. One's practice need not be in tip-top condition to benefit from DCS. In fact, the practices that are the most out-of-touch learn the most and experience the greatest impact and growth.

Here are some things our clients say about us:

“We pay insurance premiums but get little return (unless there is a problem). With you and your team we get all kinds of return and fewer problems.”

“The first check I write is for my mortgage. The second check I write is for my insurance. The third check is for my compliance guy. All three support the lifestyle I enjoy.”

“I practiced 25 years until I found you. Now, I won’t practice without you, Tink!”

“I love that you are a one stop shop.”

2. What services do you offer?

We believe that an office that trains together stays together, so the foundation of everything we do begins with training. Once we have trained you and your staff we conduct a compliance review, which is super simple after we have trained together because then you and your staff can tell the US what your issues/concerns are.

The training and compliance review process is safe and non-accusatory since you self-identify and tell us what your issues/concerns are. On the off chance, you don’t freely give us the information we look for we’ll ask. We have 50 pages of questions/ criteria to cover.

Once we establish what you and your staff are doing well and what you’re not, the fix is easy.  From there we help you implement or update systems that I have created over years and hundreds of office inspections, that are pretty simple to maintain. We do this a lot, so it stands to reason we’re good and thorough.

We recommend you don’t try to manage your compliance program yourself. If you do and it doesn’t work give us a call and let us help you do it the easy way.

Some of the areas we help you manage are:

  • OSHA/ Infection Control,
  • HIPAA,
  • Controlled Prescription Drug (CPD) compliance (whether you use drugs in your office or not there is much you need to know and reinforce to your staff),
  • record keeping/ documentation,
  • billing practices,
  • advertising/ business promotion practices,
  • verifying credentials,
  • updating written policies and procedures,
  • Medicaid Compliance,
  • Radiology programs,
  • Medical Emergency Protocols and Training,
  • and more.

How much more? Depends on your needs!

In review, we:


Interested in learning more? Ready to join the Dental Compliance Family? Call 817-755-0035 for more info, or schedule your Complimentary Compliance Consultation with me. 

Talk to you later,

*** Duane Tinker ***
Chief Compliance Coach & Consultant
Dental Compliance Specialists


Dental Compliance Specialists helps make dental offices safer for patients, dentists and their employees. We help our clients develop and maintain their compliance programs including OSHA/Infection Control, HIPAA, DEA regulations and prescribing practices, Radiation Safety, OIG/Medicaid Compliance, Record Auditing, and more by providing actionable systems, easy-to-use tools, robust training, and accountability. Most of our clients have never been in trouble and want to keep it that way. Sometimes, though, dentists call when they are in trouble. In either case, we are there to make a meaningful difference. If you need help call us at 817-755-0035.

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