HIPAA Compliance Manual

HIPAA Compliance Manual

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This manual has everything you'll need to comply with HIPAA's Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules. This manual is up-to-date with the 2013 Final Omnibus Rule (and includes HB300 requirements for Texas providers).

Unlike other manuals available on the market our manual is not a book of templates you need to complete on your own. We will gather information from you to create your custom manual. There is a Fast Start Implementation Guide inside the front cover to walk you through step-by-step toward implementing the manual in your practice. If you need further assistance, we will even jump on a video conference with you to walk you through the manual and forms and help you on your way to implementation.  

The Ultimate Compliance System HIPAA Compliance manual has everything you'll need to comply with HIPAA's privacy, security and breach notification regulations. This manual reflects the most up-to-date requirements addressed by the Final Omnibus Rule of 2013!

The manual contains:

  • Office policies and procedures relative to the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules (includes HB300 for Texas providers)
  • Customized office HIPAA forms
  • Employee training packet (includes HB300 for Texas providers)
  • HIPAA Training

BONUS! We include the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Manual at no extra charge!

The BAA manual will help you identify who is and who is not a HIPAA Business Associate, and provides you a process (and the forms) to help you get the BAAs you need from vendors that fulfill a necessary service for your practice that have access to your patients’ ePHI. Plus, the manual will help you organize and manage your BAAs. These are vital steps in your HIPAA compliance program.

Recent case law for not having an executed BAA with a vendor ranges from $31,000 to $750,000 (actual monetary settlements by healthcare providers).

NOTE: We cannot guarantee any outcomes regarding regulatory audits or investigations, but our manuals are regularly reviewed and scrutinized by regulatory agencies and our clients have had no problems following those actions.

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