Still don't know how compliance and success are related?

Still don't know how compliance and success are related?

Michael Gerber in The ‘E’- Myth (Revisited) illustrates the importance of developing duplicate-able systems. He demonstrates that a business owner’s value is in their system. This makes sense (dollars too, BILLIONS of them!)

Look at McDonald's, KFC, Wal-Mart, and EVERY other successful business in America. Every one of those businesses has systems that are duplicate-able, ensure consistency, and, as a result, are worth LOTS of money.

Well, every one of those corporations, from KFC’s 11 herbs and spices and their special chicken pressure-fryer to Papa Johns’ fresher ingredients and better pizza, license (franchise) their systems. Those companies make oodles of money on franchising and licensing fees for the use of the systems that they have developed.

Among every one of those corporations’ systems are compliance and governance systems, that is, mechanisms that range from protecting the systems from copycats to protecting the organization from government actions (compliance programs). Publicly traded companies, hospitals, and large healthcare organizations have Codes of Conduct and Corporate Compliance Plans and you should too!

What business systems to you have in place in your organization? What compliance plans and programs do you have in place?

If your answer is still "nothing,"  don't you think it’s time for you to change all that?

I am guessing your goal when you opened your practice was to make millions, retire young and live stress-free! Do you want this still?

Then learn from the big companies. Protect your assets.

I can’t do a thing for you in the clinical realm, but my team and I can help you build your compliance program, which is literally the first line of defense for protecting your practice by preemptive, proactive efforts to identify and correct wrongdoing, intentional and accidental too.

Think systems! Make compliance part of YOUR secret recipe, after all – many of your more successful colleagues do!

If you want to know MY secrets for helping you build a successful compliance program I invite you to give us a call at 817-948-8825 to schedule a Complimentary Compliance Phone Consultation (or Video Chat).

Make today your greatest ever!


*** Duane Tinker ***
Chief Compliance Coach & Consultant
Dental Compliance Specialists

About the Author

A former Law Enforcement Officer/ Dental Board investigator, Duane Tinker is the CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists. Mr. Tinker provides compliance consulting, auditing and training services for dentists and Dental Service Organizations on compliance risks including OSHA, HIPAA, Dental Board rules/ regulations, state radiology rules, DEA and state drug regulations, and Medicaid. Mr. Tinker is a frequent speaker for dental societies and study clubs. He also hosts a podcast called Talking with the Toothcop. Mr. Tinker can be reached by calling (817) 755-0035 or through his company’s website

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