Are You Keeping Up with Everything?

Are You Keeping Up with Everything?

I tell all my clients to devise a system to track their credentials and their team members' as well....all of them. Dentists can be disciplined by their state Dental Board, disqualified by insurance companies, excluded from participation in government programs (Medicaid), even criminally prosecuted for practicing with expired credentials. While Dental Assistants and Hygienists are required to maintain their own licensure, Dentists can be disciplined for allowing them to practice with expired credentials, so, for this reason, it is essential that every staff members' credentials are carefully tracked and renewed promptly.

Track the following:


1. Dental license
2. Medical license (if applicable)
3. DEA registration
4. State authority to write prescriptions for controlled substances
5. Sedation permits
7. Liability insurance coverage
8. Radiology registration
9. OSHA/ HIPAA training
10. Exclusions
11. Drug Expirations


Simple enough? Well, not to complicate matters, but if a Dentist administers controlled substances (such as those commonly used in sedation) at more than one location during the regular course of business they are required to have separate DEA registrations (and usually separate state registrations) for each location where they perform such activity (satellite offices or other out-of-hospital facilities).

Does your state Dental Board require you to have 'portability' in order for you to administer sedation/ anesthesia services outside your primary office? You need to know if this applies to you. If it does, be sure you apply for and receive 'portability' privileges. Additionally, Dentists who practice in more than one state need separate DEA registrations for each state where they practice in order to write prescriptions, administer or dispense controlled substances.

You can set up reminders in your Dental software, Google calendar, etc. 

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Be well. Do good. Be blessed.

About the Author

A former Law Enforcement Officer/ Dental Board investigator, Duane Tinker is the CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists. Mr. Tinker provides compliance consulting, auditing and training services for dentists and Dental Service Organizations on compliance risks including OSHA, HIPAA, Dental Board rules/ regulations, state radiology rules, DEA and state drug regulations, and Medicaid. Mr. Tinker is a frequent speaker for dental societies and study clubs. He also hosts a podcast called Talking with the Toothcop. Mr. Tinker can be reached by calling (817) 755-0035 or through his company’s website

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