Is patient and staff safety your number one priority?

Here's the challenge

The world is changing quickly and in ways that we've not anticipated. Maybe you have Infection Control Policies and Procedures in place. Maybe you and your staff have implemented them already. You pay attention and ensure that your staff and your patients are protected. But is that enough?

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the awareness of safe infection control practices is very apparent. People are paying attention and that includes your patients as well as your staff. They are paying attention to what you do and what you wear.

So here's the question: How do you show to your patients and your staff that their safety is your number one priority?

here's the solution - Dental Office Infection Control Certification

What about having a 3rd party verify your processes to assure your office meets or exceeds the CDC guidelines and OSHA requirements for safety? 

It’ll be helpful for patients to see your office was examined by a neutral third-party to verify your office’s compliance with safety standards and guidelines.Perhaps this would also give YOU and your team members peace of mind? 

In these uncertain times it is important to be certain about safety, as lives depend on it. 

With the Infection Control certification for dental offices, there are requirements that must be met.

  • Completion of infection control training by dentist and ALL team members. 
  • Successful completion of an office inspection. 
  • Upon successful completion the office will receive a certificate of compliance to be displayed in the office, and an electronic badge that can be shared on the practice’s website, social media, patient emails, and printed media. 
  • The certificate renews annually.

Let the tooth cop take a look

My name is Duane Tinker and I am the Tooth Cop. I have been in the compliance business since 2011, having done several hundred inspections of dental offices. I am very thorough with a great reputation for quality. When I place my stamp of approval on something, it is earned. I am dedicated to Infection Control and Prevention. Let me help you bring your practice into compliance and get you Infection Control Certified.

What is the certification Process?

  • ALL dental team members must complete annual continuing education in infection control, successfully complete a thorough infection control audit by a DCS compliance specialist. The audit contains critical and non-critical criteria. The office must obtain 100%  compliance with critical criteria and 80% or greater with non-critical criteria. 
  • Critical criteria are those related to immediate safety concerns and those reinforced by federal and/or state regulations. Non-critical criteria are those that are not immediately dangerous or reinforced by federal and/or state regulations. Examples: Not having or using appropriate PPE is a critical criterion. Failure to maintain a sterilizer load log is non-critical criterion.

Ready to certify your office?

Click on the link below to purchase our Infection Control Certification Program. Show your patients and your staff that their safety is your top priority.

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