Dental Office Infection Control Certification Program

Dental Office Infection Control Certification Program

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This certification process is designed to help dental offices demonstrate their commitment to patient safety. The process requires:

  • AUDIT: The office undergoes an in-depth infection control audit from DCS infection control experts. 
  • LEARNING: Infection control training completed by clinical personnel (including dentist(s))
  • VERIFY: Show DCS your office implemented corrective action(s) (if indicated)
  • BRAG: Receive your certificate of compliance certification (printed certificate and electronic badge) show them in your office, on your website and social media (tag us and we'll brag on you too!)
  • REFRESH: Renew annually to keep up with changes

Getting your office certified is a great way to make sure you are truly on your ‘A’ game (we work with great dentists and great dental practices), show your dental team and your patients you take their safety seriously and that you are taking extra measures to ensure their safety offering peace of mind and ensure patient experiences (walk the walk).

Let’s face that patients know more about infection control than they did before the coronavirus pandemic. Patients now know what to expect when they visit your dental practice; make sure you ALWAYS know about infection prevention and control than your patients and other guests.

What is an Infection Control Certification For the Dental Office?

It is a means for dental offices to obtain 3rd party verification and recognition for meeting or exceeding compliance with the highest standards for patient safety in infection control.

  1. To achieve certification, the dentist(s) and ALL clinical staff will complete infection control continuing education from DCS or OSAP/DALE Foundation Dental Infection Prevention and Control Certificate Program;
  2. The office must successfully complete a detailed site audit by a Dental Compliance Specialist;
  3. The ownership/management must agree to allow unannounced follow-up walk-throughs of the office during the certification time period.
  4. Pay in full a certification fee (On-Site Inspection: $1500; Virtual Inspection: $1200)

Why Should a Dental Office Become Certified?

  • Dentists and Dental Service Organizations seek certification to demonstrate to their patients and their communities their commitment to quality and safety through high infection prevention and control standards. This certification is unique and allows dental offices to differentiate themselves from their competition.
  • Dental offices that are certified receive a certification to display in the office, and a badge they can add to: the office website, social media, and printed marketing materials. Certified offices can use the certification as a talking point when they introduce themselves to new and prospective patients

What is the Certification Process?

  • The dentist(s) and ALL dental team members must complete annual continuing education in infection control, successfully complete a thorough infection control audit by a DCS compliance specialist. The audit contains critical and non-critical criteria. The office must obtain 100%  compliance with critical criteria and 80% or greater with non-critical criteria.
  • Critical criteria are those related to immediate safety concerns and those reinforced by federal and/or state regulations. Non-critical criteria are those that are not immediately dangerous or reinforced by federal and/or state regulations. Examples: Not having or using appropriate PPE is a critical criterion. Failure to maintain a sterilizer load log is a non-critical criterion.


What does the dental office have to do to get ready? 

Most offices do not pass the initial inspection; it is our experience every office has at least a few processes that must be tweaked and verified. Don't do anything before we get there... we will look, plan and do it together. Our goal is to take you from where you are to a point that your office rightfully earns certification. Those who try to prepare for the audit before our arrival quickly learn it would have been easier with our help in the first place. Dentists and DSOs who seek our help are quality-focused and patient-centric. 


What is the fee for Office Certification?

  • One-time annual fee of $1500 office (including Dallas-Fort Worth, Amarillo, Odessa, San Angelo, Laredo, Rio Grande Valley, Houston, Beaumont, Longview, Texarkana and all of Oklahoma)
  • One-time annual fee of $1500 per office (plus travel for dental offices in El Paso, Rio Grande Valley, and state contiguous to Texas and Oklahoma).
  • One-time annual fee of $1200 per office for a virtual (Zoom!) inspection.
  • No charge for follow-up inspection(s) or walkthroughs. However, if a re-audit is necessary to correct a walk-through refusal the office will be required to remit the full fee and travel expenses to re-establish certification.
  • The annual fee is non-refundable.

Ready to make your office safe for your patients and your staff?

*Be sure and select your preference of inspection (virtual/on-site) as pricing is affected.

Please allow 1-2 Business Days for a DCS team member to contact you for scheduling. To expedite this process, please call 817-755-0035 or email