Instrument Processing: The Proper Cleaning Process

I work with dental offices and do a lot of dental inspections/consults. I help people identify what they need to do differently. We talk through OSHA, HIPAA, infection control, radiology, medications, state board compliance, etc. But I get really excited about infection control and sterilization. That’s my stage—my moment to shine. In this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, we’re going to talk about instrument processing and cleaning procedures. Find out what you could be doing wrong and what to do instead! Outline of This Episode [0:49] Time to redo the 75 Hard Challenge! [6:00] Check out ProEdge Dental at...

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Dental Infection Control Awareness Month

It’s September! And it’s officially Dental Infection Control Awareness Month! We get you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about COVID and infection control. So guess what? Andrea and I will cover infection control without mentioning COVID, other than right now...We’ll cover getting a point-person in place and written policies and procedures. Check it out!  Outline of This Episode [0:20] Dental Infection Control Awareness Month! [1:20] Check out ProEdge Dental at!  [3:02] Every office needs a point-person [6:17] Make sure you have written infection-control protocols [10:31] Learn more about protectIt dental at  Every office needs a point-person This...

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The Toothcop’s Quick Tips for Emergency Preparedness

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? So in this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, we share some quick tips your practice can follow to be prepared—for whatever may come. We also share a few ways you can take advantage of “Slowtember” and prep for the year to come.  Outline of This Episode [0:22] Quick tips for emergency preparedness [6:00] Take advantage of Slowtember [11:57] Check out Compliance Bootcamp [12:45] Shoutout to some podcast listeners! Quick tips for emergency preparedness What are some easy things you can do to prepare your practice for emergencies?  Check that emergency...

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The Lowdown on the 2021 Dental Compliance Bootcamp

In this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, you get a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” of what recording an episode really looks like. From food pranks to our favorite Starbucks orders—every tangent that we usually edit out is on full display. Don’t miss a fun and quirky episode that also includes some important news about our Dental Compliance Bootcamp! Listening may even get you some FREE coffee!   Outline of This Episode [0:21] Food pranks: Starbucks + Subway [6:10] Check out ProEdge Dental at!  [12:12] Dental Compliance Bootcamp 2021 [20:00] Record-keeping + Compliance Programs + Cybersecurity [27:48]...

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Did you know there are specific rules from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regarding giving things of value (i.e. gifts) to solicit potential customers? In this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, Andrea and I talk about some of the specific rules on gifts and kickbacks. This is stuff that you need to be aware of so you don’t get hit with penalties and fines for breaking the law.  Outline of This Episode [3:34] The OIG Backpack Rule [11:26] Texas Administrative Code Rule 108.58 [15:25] The anti-kickback statute (42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b) [20:34] Section 259.008 Dental Practice Act [23:03]...

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