On Demand: Smile Leaders: Navigating Leadership in Dental Settings & Foundations of Dental Ethics Training

$ 49.00

On Demand: Smile Leaders: Navigating Leadership in Dental Settings & Foundations of Dental Ethics Training

$ 49.00
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Product description

Course Description:  

This comprehensive course is designed to empower dental care providers with a deep understanding of the principles of dental ethics and effective leadership within dental settings. It aims to nurture professional conduct and leadership skills that uphold trust, safeguard patients' rights, and maintain the sanctity of the dental profession. By merging the core aspects of ethical practice with leadership principles specifically tailored for dental environments, this course serves as a cornerstone for fostering an ethical, patient-centered, and thriving dental practice. 

Course Objectives: 

  •  Gain a thorough understanding of the ethical principles guiding the dental profession, focusing on the importance of trust, patient rights, and professional integrity.
  • Learn to navigate complex ethical dilemmas in dental practice, making decisions that prioritize patient welfare and uphold professional standards.
  • Explore the nuances of effective leadership tailored to dental practices, including building patient trust, enhancing team morale, and managing a successful practice.
  • Understand how to integrate ethical considerations into daily dental practice, ensuring that every patient interaction is guided by the highest standards of care and professionalism.
  • Emphasize the importance of a patient-centered approach in dental care, focusing on communication, empathy, and respect for patient autonomy and diversity.
  • Discover strategies for cultivating a positive and ethical workplace culture, enhancing team collaboration, and leading by example in the dental profession.


This Course Includes:

  • Foundations of Ethics
  • Smile Leadership: Navigating Leadership in Dental Settings 


Learning Method: Self-instruction

CE Credits (total): 1.5 

AGD Subject Code(s): 555 & 770 (Self Improvement)

Original Release Date: 03/22/2024

Review Date: 03/22/2024

Expiration Date: 03/22/2024

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