On Demand: Medical Emergency Preparedness Training

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On Demand: Medical Emergency Preparedness Training

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Course Description:

This comprehensive course is designed to equip dental professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage medical emergencies in a dental office setting. Participants will learn to identify and respond to a range of medical crises, from airway obstructions and asthma attacks to cardiac events and allergic reactions. Through interactive scenarios and practical exercises, the course covers the use of emergency medications, the operation of vital emergency equipment like AEDs, and the implementation of critical protocols for patient assessment and care. By the end of the training, dental teams will be prepared to act swiftly and confidently, ensuring the safety and well-being of their patients in emergency situations.

Learning Objectives:

Module 1: Emergency Preparedness Essentials

  • Identify and understand the use of emergency medicines commonly found in dental office emergency kits.
  • Discuss the maintenance and use of emergency equipment, including AEDs.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of dental office staff during a medical emergency.
  • Demonstrate the process of making an effective 911 call during a medical emergency.
  • Conduct basic patient assessments and monitor vital signs.
  • Understand the protocol for handing off a patient to EMS responders.
  • Outline the steps to take after an emergency, including documentation and debriefing.

Module 2: Common Medical Emergencies

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies in dental offices.
  • Apply appropriate treatment protocols for each type of emergency, following current guidelines.
  • Differentiate between various medical emergencies to provide specific and accurate care.
  • Understand the importance of timely and accurate intervention in emergencies such as airway obstruction, asthma attacks, and cardiac events.
  • Prepare to manage allergic reactions and anaphylaxis effectively using emergency medications.
  • Respond to emergencies like seizures, hypoglycemia, and syncope with appropriate measures.
  • Identify and treat drug overdoses, including benzodiazepine and narcotic overdoses.


CE Credits: 1.0

AGD Subject Code: 142

Original Release Date: 6/26/2024

Review Date: 6/26/2024

Expiration Date: 6/26/2027

Course Availability: Content availability does not expire.


Software and Hardware Requirements:

This course is viewable via computer, tablet or mobile device. We always recommend using Chrome or Firefox to view courses. If you need technical assistance, please contact Client Care Team at 817-755-0035

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