Aluminum Step Wedge (Small) for Sensors, Phosphor Storage Plates (psp) Quality Assurance Program

$ 65.00

Aluminum Step Wedge (Small) for Sensors, Phosphor Storage Plates (psp) Quality Assurance Program

$ 65.00
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Product description

Step Wedges are used in Radiology Quality Control Programs to test x-ray machine sensors and phosphor storage plates. Having a Radiology Quality Assurance Program is an important part of radiology compliance.

Texas Dentists: 

In June 2019 Texas x-ray rule 25 TAC §289.232(j)(14) was updated. It now specifies that users of digital imaging acquisition systems shall follow quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) protocol for digital imaging established by the manufacturer. If a protocol cannot be established by the manufacturer, it shall be developed and implemented by the registrant (dental office).  CLICK HERE FOR MORE TEXAS Specific RADIOLOGY REQUIREMENTS 

How to Perform a Step Wedge Test:

The following steps outline the procedure:

  • Place the step wedge with the steps facing up over a sensor and position the x-ray field over the step wedge.
  • Take an exposure.
  • Record the Date, Sensor Serial #, X-ray machine used, kVp, mA, Exposure time, and Source-to-Image Distance. This information will be necessary to conduct this test in the future.
  • Save this image as the reference image for that X-ray sensor as proof of testing.
  • Remember, you are testing the sensor, not the X-ray machine!

     Once a quarter or any time that you suspect that there may be a problem with your X-ray system, create another image in the same manner as described above. Compare this image to the reference image.

     Step wedge images look like a grayscale image with gradual changes from white/light to black/dark. If you notice a change in density (color) of "2 steps", you are alerted that there is a problem and corrective actions should be taken before your radiographs deteriorate in diagnostic quality.

     To learn more about managing a compliant radiation safety program, check out our Radiation and Laser/Radiation Safety Manuals!   817-755-0035


***This Product is NOT for use with panoramic machines. Check out our Pano Step Wedge product!****

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