We would love to have you join us this June for an exciting event that has the potential to transform your dental practice. Our Safer and Stronger Dental Lab Conference is tailored specifically to meet your needs, with a focus on important areas such as Ergonomics in Dentistry, Team Dynamics, and the latest Infection Control Technologies. It's not just about attending a conference, it's about taking the opportunity to empower your practice and create a safer, more efficient workspace. Together, let's elevate your practice to new heights!

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Gain Insight To: 

  • Strategic advantages of trust in shaping team dynamics and driving practice success for dental teams

  • Skills and knowledge to manage airway emergencies and how to respond confidently in emergency situations 

  • Deep understanding of Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Awareness including recognition of warning signs, risk factors and legal regulations

  • How to protect your physical health with the use of ergonomic strategies and understanding the important role that posture enhancing exercises plays in reducing workplace pain

  • Explore recent advancements in maintaining dental office cleanliness and an introduction of new technologies available in the dental market

  • Breakdown of the "geek speak" of technology to provide a better understanding of how Cyber and proactive Data Security works and the current standard of care for ensuring predictable failures instead of costly disasters. 

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Kara is a Dental HR Consultant who loves sharing her knowledge of the business side of dentistry. She is the founder and CEO of Clinical HR LLC, an advisory firm for dental and medical practices. 

Kara focuses on cultivating leadership skills, managing employee relations issues, and implementing competitive total rewards systems. 

She also works with practices to develop employee policies and establishing compliant HR systems.

Course 1

Scaling Trust: Building Stronger Practices by Elevating Dynamics

Course Description:

Trust is the foundation of a stronger team. Discover the strategic advantages of trust in shaping team dynamics and driving practice success in this interactive course tailored for dental teams. 

This course offers practical exercises to enhance open communication and develop effective trust-building strategies that improve team cohesion and boost overall practice performance.

By consistently focusing on trust, you’ll unlock new levels of efficiency and patient satisfaction, ensuring your practice’s competitive edge.

Course 2

The Power of Productive Conflict: Unifying Dental Teams for Safer & Stronger Dental Practices 

Course Description: 

Conflict can be a scary word! Despite most individuals' aversion to conflict, learning to have productive conversations is key to healthy team culture and successful practice. 

This interactive course is designed for dental teams seeking to transform how they handle conflict situations by embracing the power of productive conflict. 

Dental team members will learn how to better communicate with each other - as well as with patients - and create an atmosphere of psychological safety.  

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A former government agent who investigated dentists Mr. Duane Tinker works with dentists and Dental Service Organizations to implement and maintain compliance and risk management programs. 

Mr. Tinker has audited hundreds of dental offices, thousands of dental records. He is a confidant of many well-known and highly regarded dentists and DSOs. 

Mr. Tinker hosts a podcast called Talking with The Toothcop(https://pod.link/1296587897). 

Connect with Tink on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Course 1 

Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response

Smile Safeguards: Building a Stronger, Safer Dental Practice 

Course Description:

This is a critical workshop designed specifically for dental professionals focusing on workplace violence prevention and active shooter response. 

This session will equip you with practical tools and strategies to mitigate conflicts, manage patient expectations and stress, and enhance safety protocols. 

Learn to identify potential threats, communicate effectively in high-stress situations, and empower yourself with defensive tactics to safeguard your practice and ensure a secure, fear-free environment for both staff and patients.

Course 2 

Medical Emergency Training

Pulse on Preparedness: Emergency Skills Training for Dental Professionals 

Course Description: 

This is a comprehensive short course designed to equip dental professionals with essential emergency skills. 

The training begins with a brief theoretical framework, emphasizing the importance of emergency preparedness, prevention strategies, and understanding patient medical histories. It continues with a deep dive into emergency protocols, covering the use of emergency drugs and equipment, and effective emergency response planning. 

The course culminates in a hands-on session, where participants engage in practical airway management and emergency drug administration activities. 

By the end of this course, dental professionals will gain confidence and competence in handling medical emergencies within their practice. 

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Katrina has implemented daily ergonomic strategies in practices for over 15 years.

She focuses on bio mechanics and how to apply them to her daily routine to prevent injury, during clinical practice and in the gym. 

Preparing the body for a difficult workload can make the difference between practicing in pain and not.

Let Katrina help you become pain free and stay pain free for the longevity of your career.

Course 1

Ergonomics in Dentistry: Protect Your Money Maker!

Course Description:

Working in dentistry doesn't have to hurt! Stop the aches and pains commonly associated with the practice of dentistry and protect your physical health with the use of ergonomic equipment, practical ergonomic strategies and understanding the important role that posture enhancing exercises plays in reducing workplace pain. 

Experience this highly interactive program practicing chairside stretches to make a mind muscle connection for use in a daily release of chronically tight muscles. 

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You'll be glad to know that the leader of our ownership team is Paul, who has more than 20 years of experience working with different healthcare practice management software platforms and digital technologies. In addition to this, he played a pivotal role in co-founding Five Lakes Professional Services, a healthcare PPO Management consulting firm.

Apart from Paul, the rest of our ownership team has a combined experience of 75+ years with dental practices and technologies, microbiological scientific research, and data analysis. We are committed to bringing you the latest mobility and infection control solutions for use in your home or healthcare facilities.

Course 1

New Technologies Meet Infection Control 

Course Description:

Infection Control protocols haven’t changed in 40+ years. This course explores recent advancements in maintaining dental office cleanliness and introduces new technologies available in the dental market to address existing cleaning challenges.

The development of disinfectant products, applicators, and data collection methods, have benefited dental offices in the implementation of effective long-term infection control. The course will discuss these technologies and explore ways to incorporate them into your practice.

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Amy Wood is a best-selling author, speaker, consultant, and coach. She has a background in Healthcare. Information Technology and has spent the last decade as a HIPAA educator, risk assessor, and data breach Consultant. 

Out of the hundreds of data breach investigations she has consulted, her clients have received zero fines and zero patients lawsuits. 

Amy takes your boring everyday compliance course and turns it into an entertaining and educational conversation. 

Course 1

What The Tech?

Course Description: 

Technology is great! It can help you communicate at a faster pace, capture moments in time with a simple click, or even make dinner show up on your doorstep without you leaving the house! But what happens when that same technology turns against you? 

One click on the wrong thing can mean a catastrophic data loss or total loss of business. 

In today's cyber climate, proactive data security is a must! Let's break down the "geek speak" of technology to provide a better understanding of how it works and the current standard of care for ensuring predictable failures instead of costly disasters.

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