Thriving in Times of Trouble...Time to get to Work!

Thriving in Times of Trouble...Time to get to Work!

We can all agree, things are going badly right now. Times are tough. This podcast is a group effort- an attempt to help you re-focus your efforts and turn this downturn into a profitable time for your business.

Our think tank Duane Tinker- AKA: "The Tooth Cop" CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists, Andrea Baysinger, Chief Client Happiness Officer and co-host extraordinaire and Jacque Tinker, COO of Dental Compliance Specialists put their heads together to bring you a message of hope and help in this difficult time.

Here is a quick list of things you can do to put your practice in a good place come the end of this mess we are facing now. Check it out.

This is a fun one guys!


  • [7:05] Review and update OSHA safety plan and written infection control plans. Understand  the difference between them.
  • [7:45] Update compliance Training- Take our 4-hour Infection Control CE. Bone up and take the time to update annual compliance training. Your staff can complete training online on their pjs on their phone.
  • [9:45] Do your Medical Emergency Training and practice scenarios.
  • [10:45] Audit your records.
  • [11:50] Train.
  • [13:00] Virtual Team Meetings.
  • [14:15] Call your patients.
  • [15:10] Update your lobby.
  • [16:15] Support your staff during this time of insecurity. Support your team and give them something to work on in the off time.
  • [19:00] Make videos for your patients.
  • [19:30] Get on videos on social media.
  • [21:50] Complete your compliance inspections, especially the infection control inspection and certification!
  • [23:00] Get Infection Control Certified.
  • [31:15] Update your marketing plan. Create an Avatar and re-focus your efforts.
  • [34:15] Update your forms.
  • [35:45] New W4 forms.
  • [36:15] Clean your office with EPA disinfectants.
  • [37:15] Update your systems, fix problems in the practice.
  • [38:00] Check your posters and things that need to be posted in the practice.

We love you and wish you and your business and family the most peace in the coming weeks.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.


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