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OIG Elements of Compliance

How We Support Your Practice

1. Implement written policies, procedures and standards of conduct.

We provide updated compliance manuals with custom polices your practice needs.

2. Designate a compliance officer and compliance committee.

We help you identify the compliance functions that must be overseen and help you identify appropriate persons.

3. Conduct effective training and education.

Between online training, live/in-person training opportunities, webinars and office inspections we help you and your staff meet training objectives and requirements.

4. Develop effective lines of communication.

Our team will help you flesh out opportunities for communication and program improvement.

5. Conduct internal monitoring and auditing.

We provide a system checklists and internal auditing procedures for our clients to complete and document their compliance efforts.

6. Enforce standards through well-publicized  disciplinary guidelines.

We will help you communicate your expectations to your dental team reinforce them through training, redirection, and if needed - disciplinary action.

7. Respond promptly to detected offenses and undertaking corrective action.

We will assist you when you find a problem. We will support you to fix it, verify you fixed it, and document it.

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