Maximizing Dental Practice Success with Leah Roling

Maximizing Dental Practice Success with Leah Roling


Join Duane Tinker, "The Toothcop",  as he welcomes Leah Roling, an acclaimed life coach and celebrated author of "Shift" and "Nobody's Coming to Save You." Specializing in dental professionals' growth and success, Leah shares transformative insights aimed at enhancing both personal and professional realms.

Embracing the Platinum Rule with Leah Roling: Discover the transition from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule with Leah Roling. Understand the pivotal shift towards treating individuals based on their personal preferences and needs, a cornerstone for effective communication and relationships in and beyond dental practices.

Enhancing Communication within Dental Practices: Explore with Duane and Leah how effective communication transcends traditional dental services, fostering deeper connections with patients and promoting a thriving practice environment. 

The Path to Personal Growth Through Discipline: Leah delves into the essence of personal discipline, the motivational triad, and the journey towards self-improvement and enhanced professional outcomes. 

Foundations of Habit Formation for Dental Professionals: Learn Leah's strategies for establishing a sustainable baseline in habit formation, aiming to bolster consistent progress without the risk of burnout. 

The Power of Self-Reflection and Gift Sharing in Dentistry: Revisit insights from a prior session where Leah discussed the impact of self-reflection and the importance of sharing one's unique gifts within the dental community and beyond.

Upcoming Opportunities for Professional Development: Stay ahead with Leah Roling's "Manifest Mind" course starting April 1, designed to empower individuals through mindset shifts and actionable steps towards crafting their desired life. Additionally, mark your calendar for an October event focusing on leadership and personal growth.

Connect with Leah Roling: Reach out to Leah through her official website, engage with her on social media, tune into her podcast "Becoming You" with Leah Roling, or get in touch directly via email for insights into transforming your dental practice and personal growth.

Leah Roling's Impact on Dental Leadership and Team Dynamics: Leah Roling stands as a transformative leader in dentistry, emphasizing leadership development, team dynamics, and engagement strategies to combat industry challenges such as burnout, turnover, and absenteeism. Through her innovative approach, Leah fosters environments of empowerment, confidence, and creativity, ensuring dental practices not only meet but exceed modern expectations. 

Engage with Leah Roling: Discover Leah's comprehensive suite of resources for dental professionals seeking to enhance their practice's dynamics and patient satisfaction through her website, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and her inspirational podcast. 

Your Invitation to Transform Your Dental Practice: In the ever-evolving changes in dentistry, the success of your practice hinges not just on the quality of care you provide but also on the health and harmony of your team. Recent shifts in the workforce landscape have brought to light the critical need for evolved leadership strategies that go beyond traditional management.



As a dedicated leadership and team engagement strategist specializing in dentistry, I understand the unique challenges you face—burnout, turnover, and absenteeism are not just issues; they're barriers to your practice's growth and patient satisfaction. It's clear: to thrive in today's environment, simply leading and managing isn't enough. The key lies in enrolling your team in their potential, fostering a culture of confidence, decisiveness, and creativity, and shifting from expectations to empowerment.

Are you ready to assess the health of your practice and explore practical strategies that have proven to reduce absenteeism by a staggering 81% and turnover by 18%? With the average cost of hiring reaching $45,000, reducing turnover isn't just beneficial; it's essential. 

I invite you to book a complimentary leadership call with me, where we'll conduct a 5-question assessment to pinpoint the health of your practice. Together, we'll tailor engagement strategies to your unique needs, setting you on the path to a more harmonious, productive, and resilient practice.

The workforce has changed. Has your leadership? Let's explore how you can adapt and excel in this new era.


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