On Demand: Infection Control in Dental Settings Training

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On Demand: Infection Control in Dental Settings Training

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Course Description:

This course is designed to educate and enrich dentists and clinical team members from newbies to seasoned professionals on the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Settings. Additionally, this course will address legal and ethical issues and quality improvement processes for dental infection control programs. This course also covers contemporary topics including COVID-19 and sepsis.

Course Objectives: 

  • Explain the significance of infection control in dental settings, including its impact on patient safety and healthcare worker well-being.
  • Describe the key components and recommendations of the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Settings.
  • Identify the modes of disease transmission in dental settings and strategies to prevent them.
  • Explain the concept of standard precautions and how to apply them effectively in dental practice.
  • Demonstrate proper hand hygiene techniques, including handwashing and hand sanitization, as per CDC guidelines.
  • Describe the appropriate selection and use of PPE, including gloves, masks, eyewear, and gowns in dental procedures.
  • Understand the principles of environmental infection control, including the cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of dental equipment and surfaces.
  • Explain the steps involved in instrument processing, from cleaning to sterilization, and the importance of each step.
  • Discuss strategies for maintaining safe dental unit water quality to prevent potential infections.
  • Describe proper respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette practices to minimize the spread of respiratory infections in the dental office.
  • Outline procedures for patient screening, including risk assessment and management of patients with infectious diseases.
  • Discuss strategies to protect healthcare workers' health, including immunizations, post-exposure prophylaxis, and health surveillance.
  • Stay updated on emerging infection control issues and adapt practices accordingly, in line with current CDC recommendations.
  • Understand the importance of compliance with infection control protocols and the role of documentation in maintaining a safe dental practice.
  • Implement strategies for continuous quality improvement in infection control procedures within the dental practice.
  • Discuss legal and ethical responsibilities related to infection control in dental settings, including patient confidentiality.

CE Credits: 1.0 hours

AGD Subject Code: 148

Original Release Date: 09/01/2023

Review Date: 2/14/2023

Expiration Date: 2/14/2027

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