On Demand: Protecting Your Practice: Risk Management and Recordkeeping

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On Demand: Protecting Your Practice: Risk Management and Recordkeeping

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Presented by: Laura Diamond

Administrative and Healthcare Attorney, Austin, Texas
Dalrymple, Shellhorse, Ellis & Diamond, LLP


Course Description:

This course teaches dental professionals how to comply with regulations and best practices in dental practice management. Participants will learn about administering nitrous oxide, preoperative sedation checklists, and emergency preparedness policies. The course emphasizes the importance of using preoperative checklists and accurately documenting nitrous oxide administration to meet regulatory standards and reduce audit risks.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the regulations and rules governing dental practice in Texas, including the Dental Practice Act and Texas Administrative Code.
  • Learn the importance of accurate record-keeping in dental practice, including documentation of patient encounters, treatment plans, and informed consent discussions.
  • Identify common elements overlooked in record-keeping and risk management, such as maintaining complete dental charts for all patients and ensuring timely provision of patient records upon request.
  • Recognize the significance of informed consent in dental procedures and understand the requirements for obtaining and documenting patient consent effectively.
  • Gain insight into the considerations and best practices for tele-dentistry services, including compliance with regulations and standards of care for remote patient consultations and treatments.
  • Understand the importance of using a preoperative checklist for nitrous oxide administration and ensure all required elements are included.
  • Learn how to properly document nitrous oxide administration, including start and stop times, concentration administered, and individuals present.
  • Recognize the significance of accurately determining ASA classification for patients receiving nitrous oxide and the potential need for physician consultation.
  • Familiarize oneself with the inspection process for moderate sedation through general anesthesia permits and proactively self-audit to ensure compliance.
  • Identify potential indicators of patient complaints and take proactive steps to address patient concerns, avoid complaints, and ensure compliance with record-keeping requirements.


CE Credit: 1.0 hours

AGD Subject Code: 565

Original Release Date: 2/19/2024

Review Date: 2/29/2024

Expiration Date: 2/14/2027

Course Availability: Content availability does not expire.

Software and Hardware Requirements:

This course is viewable via computer, tablet or mobile device. We always recommend using Chrome or Firefox to view courses. If you need technical assistance, please contact Client Care Team at 817-755-0035


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