Aluminum Step Wedge (Large) for Pano and CBCT Quality Assurance Program

$ 87.00

Aluminum Step Wedge (Large) for Pano and CBCT Quality Assurance Program

$ 87.00
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Product description

This product is meant for Panoramic X-ray machines! 

Tired of looking for the stapler you used last time you did a QA check of your Pano? We now have a solution for your pano QA/QC program. The large Step Wedge is specially designed for the pano QA/QC program. While staplers are still allowed, we find that people misplace the stapler or don't realize they need to use the same exact stapler every single time they perform Quality Assurance tests on their pano machines.

Step Wedges are used in Radiology Quality Control Programs to test x-ray machine sensors and phosphor storage plates. Having a Radiology Quality Assurance Program is an important part of radiology compliance.

Texas Dentists: 

In June 2019 Texas x-ray rule 25 TAC §289.232(j)(14) was updated. It now specifies that users of digital imaging acquisition systems shall follow quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) protocol for digital imaging established by the manufacturer. If a protocol cannot be established by the manufacturer, it shall be developed and implemented by the registrant (dental office).  CLICK HERE FOR MORE TEXAS Specific RADIOLOGY REQUIREMENTS 


Once a quarter or any time that you suspect that there may be a problem with your X-ray system, create an image to compare to your reference image.

Step wedge images look like a grayscale image with gradual changes from white/light to black/dark. If you notice a change in density (color) of "2 steps", you are alerted that there is a problem and corrective actions should be taken before your radiographs deteriorate in diagnostic quality.

To learn more about managing a compliant radiation safety program, check out our Radiation and Laser/Radiation Safety Manuals!  or contacts us @ 817-755-0035

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