Why You Need to Track Expired Medical Equipment and Expired Drugs

Why You Need to Track Expired Medical Equipment and Expired Drugs

Let’s face it - expired medical equipment and expired drugs are NOT the sexiest of topics to cover, but it is SO important. In this episode - Andrea and I talk about expired equipment, expired drugs, why you need to have written policies and procedures, the danger of getting too comfortable sedating a patient, and much more. You don’t have to struggle to find the right resources on these topics - we’ve got you covered. There is a ton of helpful information, Andrea, and I cover - grab pen and paper - you are going to need it! 

Keeping track of expired medical equipment and expired drugs 

I know - keeping track of expired medical equipment and expired drugs is a chore. You might even be tempted to think that expired medical equipment and expired drugs are covered by your spreadsheet or list - think again! Time and time again, I discover the most dental offices that assume their expired dates are covered by their processes are actually wrong. Don’t let an assumption get your office in trouble! Make it part of the process to go to the physical product, and double-check those expiration dates regularly. To hear Andrea and I discuss this critical topic in further detail - make sure to listen to our full conversation on this episode. 

Why you need written policies and procedures  

If all this talk about expired medical equipment and expired drugs has you concerned about your policies and procedures - good! Principled dentists like you can use that fear and extra concern as fuel to serve your patients. When was the last time you scheduled a day to review and edit your policies and procedures? If it’s been a while - now is the time! We’ve got a helpful resource called the Medical Emergencies and Training Program that will help dental offices like yours tighten things up and stay in compliance - take a look in our products and services section to learn more! 

Don’t get too comfortable sedating a patient!

In all my years in the dental industry - I’ve found that the best dentists are the ones who approach patient care with the utmost seriousness. The truth is - the moment you get comfortable and let your guard down is the moment where mistakes start to creep in. Fight complacency and comfortably in your dental office. Not that you want everyone going around sad and depressed, but you want them (including yourself) to recognize that they have people's lives in their hands. Make sure to listen to this episode as I expand on this subject with Andrea! 

Stumped? Send us your question. 

From exploring the topic of expired medical equipment to sedating a patient - I want to resource excellent dentists like you to provide the best care possible. Remember - this podcast and our website is a resource for dental offices’ like yours. If there are topics you’d like Andrea and I to cover or concerns you’d like us to address - let us know! We love getting your feedback (and constructive criticism), so don’t be shy - we are rooting for you!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:43] I introduce the topics covered in this episode. 
  • [2:30] Why you should watch out for expired equipment and expired drugs. 
  • [5:30] How damaging is it to be found using expired drugs? 
  • [7:00] Make sure you have written policies and procedures. 
  • [10:20] Don’t get too comfortable about sedating a patient. 
  • [14:15] Why you need to follow a pre-operation checklist. 
  • [18:20] Mailbag questions and answers! 
  • [26:35] Closing thoughts. 

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