The Genius of Protect It Dental Emergency Medical Kits - Scott Sankary

The Genius of Protect It Dental Emergency Medical Kits - Scott Sankary

Emergency medical kits are essential for dental practices—but most have a kit thrown under a cabinet that’s stocked with expired medications. Scott Sankary is the Co-Founder at Protect It First Aid & Safety, a company striving to change this unsafe practice. They supply emergency products and monitor expiration dates to keep customers in compliance. What do they offer to dental practices? How is their solution better than their competitors? Find out in this episode of Talking with the Toothcop!


Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] Scott Sankary with Protect It Dental
  • [5:47] Protect It Dental’s EMK series
  • [8:11] How to become a customer
  • [14:34] Their subscription-based program
  • [21:58] How are they different?


Protect It Dental’s Emergency Medical Kits

Protect It Dental is best known in the dental world for their emergency medical kits—their EMKs. The kit itself is made of white metal, weighs approximately 9 pounds, is 15.5” by 6” by 10.5”, and has a handle. It’s well-marked as an emergency medical kit. It can be wall-mounted or stored on a countertop. They also have a grab-and-go magnetic wall mount. It’s well organized and everything has a customized slot. There is also a product key on the inside door. The kit is designed to bring order and calm to a chaotic situation

They have four kits to choose from, each with seven essential medications, consistent with ADA and GADA guidelines. 

  • EMK #1: This is the basic and most popular kit. It includes two diphenhydramine vials, two epi ampules, 1 albuterol, 1 adult EpiPen, 1 EpiPen trainer, 2 naloxone vials, nitroglycerin tablets, glucose, aspirin, ammonia inhalants, a CPR mask, and 2 syringes. If you don’t work with kids or seniors, this kit will work for your practice.
  • EMK #5: This is the same kit, except the nitroglycerin tablets are replaced by nitroglycerin spray—which is best practice for elderly patients who have swallow reflex issues. If you work with seniors—but not kids—this kit could be a good choice for your practice. 
  • EMK #10: This is the same as kit #1, plus a pediatric epi pen. If you see kids in your practice but not seniors, this is the kit for you. 
  • EMK #15: This is the same as kit #1 + a pediatric EpiPen + nitro spray. If you see both kids and seniors, this is the kit for you.

How to become a customer

Protect It Dental allows you to buy a kit, onboard existing medications (using proprietary technology), or purchase individual medications a la carte. But to get the full benefit of their program, you need to sign up for auto-replenishment. The problem is that so few people are willing to commit to sign-up for auto-replenishment because they’re worried about cost

Those that don’t buy a kit and use the EMK onboarding wizard can ease into it. If you choose to onboard an existing kit, their site will walk you through the onboarding process, which will only take 10–15 minutes. The drugs get entered into the Protect It system so you’re set to get replenished on the medications as they expire or are used. You’ll receive a notification saying it’s time to order and you simply pay as you receive replenishment medications. 

If you’re set up for auto-replenishment, you receive products 30 days before their expiration date. It comes with a postage-paid disposal bag to ship to their third-party destruction source.

The subscription-based program

Protect It Dental is now offering one-year or two-year subscription options. If a dentist chooses to continue to a second year after the first, they convert them to the two-year pricing and so on.

When a customer purchases a kit, all meds and supplies are pre-loaded into their system and management is simple. The subscription program solves everything. They receive a new kit for a single monthly payment. As items expire, new ones arrive and old ones can be disposed of. 

Even if drugs are used—and not just expired—the replenishment is also included in the subscription program. They made it easy and cost-effective to acquire a new kit and enroll in the auto-replenishment program. You shouldn’t have to worry about expiration dates and constant monitoring—Protect It can do it for you. The solution makes it really easy for dental practices to say “yes.” 

The dentist’s investment is being protected. Patients are being protected. Some of these medications are life-saving. This subscription is eliminating apprehension and providing dentists with quality care. This is hard to compare to other options out there. 

What sets Protect It Dental apart?

Protect It Dental is privately owned and there to serve the dental practice—not a shareholder. They’re small, innovative, and high-tech. They have in-house developers and custom programming to fit their business. What they do is driven by conversations with customers and prospects. They’re a small business supporting small businesses. Their pricing is customer-friendly and they have a genuine desire to help people. 

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