Podcast — needlestick

Handling Infection Control Breaches - India Chance + Michelle Strange

If you fail to follow the infection control protocols that you KNOW will prevent the transmission of disease, you’ll find yourself dealing with an infection control breach.

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Needlestick Injuries: Prevention + Protocol

  Needlestick injuries have been cropping up again in the last few months. These injuries are considered “occupational hazards” in dentistry—but should they be? Why is it happening? What’s the contributing cause? In this episode of Talking With The Toothcop, Andrea and I talk about this costly “never event” and how to best prevent it.    Outline of This Episode [0:52] The protocol with needlestick Injuries [5:25] Coordinating testing with patients [8:20] Annual Sharps Evaluation + Usage [10:59] Live OSHA Safety Coordinator Training   The high cost of needlestick injuries The CDC came out with some statistics that said the...

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