Podcast — dental compliance

A Tale of Chemicals and Conduct

We like to provide clients all the materials they need to prepare for the next calendar year. We usually try to get it to them before Christmas, so it’s a sort of Christmas present. One of the things we include in this packet is a blank master chemical list. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this list, as well as establishing a code of conduct. Listen to this episode to learn about both of them!  Outline of This Episode [0:40] A compliance Christmas present [5:11] Nail down your code of conduct [7:29] Maintain a master chemical list [9:37]...

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Needlestick Injuries: Prevention + Protocol

  Needlestick injuries have been cropping up again in the last few months. These injuries are considered “occupational hazards” in dentistry—but should they be? Why is it happening? What’s the contributing cause? In this episode of Talking With The Toothcop, Andrea and I talk about this costly “never event” and how to best prevent it.    Outline of This Episode [0:52] The protocol with needlestick Injuries [5:25] Coordinating testing with patients [8:20] Annual Sharps Evaluation + Usage [10:59] Live OSHA Safety Coordinator Training   The high cost of needlestick injuries The CDC came out with some statistics that said the...

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In this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, we’re sharing a few more important reminders and things to stay on top of in 2021. This includes evaluating X-ray equipment, quarterly water testing, new CE requirements, completing CPR courses, and handling your exclusions monitoring. Why is it so important to stay on top of these things? Find out in this episode! Outline of This Episode [2:27] X-ray equipment [6:26] Quarterly water testing [7:53] Human trafficking CE [9:51] CPR courses [12:04] Exclusions monitoring Do NOT neglect your X-ray equipment Texas has some of the most stringent enforcement in the country. X-ray rules...

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