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Dental Compliance Reminders [Social Media, X-Rays, and Beyond]

OSHA is stepping it up

On March 12th, 2021 OSHA sent out a news release that said they launched a program to protect workers with safety concerns. OSHA is stepping up its enforcement efforts and protecting workers’ rights to a safe work environment. 

It’s time to take this stuff seriously and step up your game. Don’t look for loopholes—get this stuff done. We are seeing a shift under the new administration to enforce these things. If you get busted, it will be considered a serious violation. If you’re willfully negligent, it could be up to a $150,000 fine for a single violation. They are out for blood. 

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Handling Infection Control Breaches - India Chance + Michelle Strange

If you fail to follow the infection control protocols that you KNOW will prevent the transmission of disease, you’ll find yourself dealing with an infection control breach.

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Preventing Infection Control Breaches - India Chance + Michelle Strange

What qualifies as an infection control breach? What is the easiest way to prevent them? In this episode of Talking with the Toothchop, India Chance and Michelle Strange return for a conversation about infection control breaches. We talk about what they are, why we can’t ignore them, and how we can do our part to prevent them.    Outline of This Episode [7:05] What is an infection control breach? [13:11] Have written protocols in place [15:56] The most common infection control breach [21:30] Why training + preparation is important  What is an infection control breach? A breach in infection control...

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The Importance of an Infection Control Coordinator - India Chance + Michelle Strange

Why is the role of an infection control coordinator so important? How do you simplify safety so any dental office can appoint an infection control coordinator and properly train them? In this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, Michelle Strange and India Chance join Andrea and I to talk about the importance of having an infection control coordinator in your dental practice.  Outline of This Episode [2:17] The importance of an infection prevention coordinator [6:27] Who should fill the role of ICC? [11:41] Teamwork makes the dream work [21:00] How to communicate effectively with your team [29:21] Do you need...

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The Compliance Guru of New England - Dr. Lisa Kane

Dr. Lisa Kane is to New England what I am to Texas. She is THE compliance guru. She practiced dentistry for 20 years before switching to consulting. After years of dealing with migraines from leaning over patients, she made the move—which she’s done for the last four years. She’s always loved the business side of dentistry and it was the perfect fit. Hear all about what she does in this episode of Talking With The Toothcop! Outline of This Episode [0:21] Dr. Lisa Kane joins the Toothcop [3:50] Compliance, education, PHI, & civil rights [7:58] What people misunderstand about consultants...

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