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PMP Inquiries: Clearing up the Confusion

Are PMP inquiries required for sedation meds that are dispensed in the office? A listener read through the rules in January 2020 and spoke with a sedation officer and was advised that they did not need to do the PMP check if they were dispensing in the office. But the way the rule is worded makes it seem as though you

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Don’t Neglect Your Sedation and Anesthesia Reviews

Are you doing proper sedation and anesthesia reviews? Are you making sure you don’t have drugs sitting in your office that expired pre-COVID? Are you checking with a patient’s primary care provider before administering anesthesia? Being busy and overwhelmed isn’t an excuse for not doing your due diligence. In this episode of Talking with the Toothcop, Andrea and I touch on the importance of doing a proper review.  Outline of This Episode [4:09] Sedation and anesthesia reviews [8:49] Upcoming anesthesia course Check for expired drugs and equipment I’ve done a lot of sedation and anesthesia reviews in the last few...

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Dental Compliance Rules: NEW in 2021

What’s new in 2021? CE requirements are changing, PMP self-query rules are in effect, and e-prescribing has officially kicked off. Andrea and I talk about all of the changes—and where to learn more—in this episode of Talking With The Toothcop. Don’t miss it! Outline of This Episode [0:21] The first episode of 2021! [2:26] PMP Self-query [4:20] Check patient history [6:04] E-prescribing rules [9:07] NEW CE requirements PMP Self Query According to Rule 111.2, if you have a DEA registration (or multiple) you’re required to check your prescriber history at least once a year in the PMP platform. Login and...

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Dentistry Rules + Regulation Changes in Texas

 Texas has rolled out some regulations and rule changes that dentists need to stay on top of. From controlled substance CE changes and equipment performance evaluations to medical emergency preparedness training and sedation inspections—we cover it all in this episode of Talking with the Toothcop. Don’t miss it!  Outline of This Episode [0:21] A trip down memory lane [4:41] Controlled Substance CE changes [13:57] Controlled Substances: EPCS + patient query [19:11] The Human Trafficking Course requirement [21:30] X-ray equipment performance evaluations [25:02] Step-wedge test + medical emergency preparedness training  [27:30] What dentists are getting busted for in sedation inspections [34:17]...

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