Do You Still Have Triplicate DEA 222 Forms?

Do You Still Have Triplicate DEA 222 Forms?

If so, the DEA wants them back.

As of October 30, 2021, the Drug Enforcement Administration mandated the use of single sheet DEA 222 Forms for those providers who prescribe schedule 2 controlled substances (meperidine/Demerol, and fentanyl).

At this time, triplicate DEA 222 forms are no longer be available or utilized, according to federal law.

To order the single sheet forms, DEA registrants are instructed to visit the form request page. They will need the information from their registration certificate in order to login.

For DEA registrants who still have unused triplicate DEA Forms 222, the DEA is asking that they be returned to:

DEA Registration Section
8701 Morrissette Drive
Springfield, VA 22152 

Going forward DEA registrants who wish to obtain schedule IIs can either use single sheet 222 forms or the Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS). To use CSOS go to the website to register ( There is no cost to register or use the CSOS. 

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