I wanted to thank you for helping me/our office to better understand what is required to be HIPAA compliant. I was very nervous about your visit but you were so nice and un-intimidating. I felt very comfortable and after being with you for a while I knew as you said you were there to help us.

I have already sent your information to a friend at another dental office and told her how nice you were.

I appreciate your service and wish now I had called you 2 years ago when I first received your information. It could have saved me 2 years of misery & worry.

JoEllen Christophel

“Duane Tinker performed a compliance review on site at my office and I found it to be a very worthwhile endeavor. Tink reviewed all areas of compliance including radiation, OSHA, HIPPA, record keeping, and infection control. He has a very thorough and up to date knowledge in all these areas, and with his help, I felt confident that going forward my office had the policies, procedures and tools in place to assure compliance according to the letter of the law. Plus, he keeps me up to date through emails of all new laws and recommendations regarding compliance issues. Having a former investigator for the TSBDE review my practice gives me added peace of mind, and I would highly recommend any dental office make use of this valuable service he offers.”

D. Brev Bedford, D.D.S.

“It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind that comes from knowing your practice meets compliance standards. As hard as we try to have everything correct, you really don’t know until you are audited (hopefully not by OSHA). Tink made compliance training fun and engaging for my whole team. I would recommend him to any practice.”.

Neil Dean DDS

“We were extremely pleased with Duane’s presentation to our referring doctors and their staff. He was engaging, entertaining and very knowledgeable on the topics covered. We received great feedback from our audience, with hopes to have another event featuring Duane!”

Casey Turner, DDS MS

“Duane will help you stay in compliance with the biggest investment you’ve made, your dental practice! Duane operates with integrity and is extremely diligent.”

Dr. Scott Peterson

“The laws are constantly changing, and not knowing is not a defense. Having Duane come into your office is the best money that I have ever spent. He was an investigator for the Dental Board, he knows what tolook for. By the end of the audit you know you will be in compliance with the Dental Board, HIPPA, andOSHA.”

R. McNeill, DDS, MD

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