Sterilizer Monitoring Log

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The Ultimate Compliance System Sterilizer Monitoring Log For The Dental Office, designed specifically FOR Dentists, provides you a system of documenting your efforts to ensure the mechanical effectiveness of your sterilizers/ autoclaves in accordance with the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Settings. The book contains charts and other infection control resources.


You can rest easy, knowing your office will remain on top of all Sterilizer and Infection Control concerns AND save yourself thousands in possible fines!


In addition to CDC considerations, Dental practices must also remain vigilant in their compliance with State Board Infection Control standards to ensure that proper sterilization protocols are followed in their office.

This is a downloadable file. The Sterilizer Compliance Log is 125 printable pages that you can use to document your infection control compliance efforts.


Want to really beef up your infection control efforts? Get certified with our Infection Control Certification Program. Show your patients and your staff that their safety is your number one priority.

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