LIVE: Recordkeeping for Texas Medicaid Compliance

LIVE: Recordkeeping for Texas Medicaid Compliance

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Presented by Duane Tinker:
CEO, Dental Compliance Specialists, LLC
Compliance Consultant and Speaker 

Clinical Compliance and Documentation Requirements for Texas Dentists.

About the Presenter:

For over a decade, Duane Tinker (aka the Toothcop) has worked with dental rules and regulations, first as a dental board investigator and more recently as a consultant in support of dentists, group practices, and DSOs. He is a fierce advocate in support of his clients and their efforts to ‘do the right thing’.He understands that knowing/doing the right thing is seldom simple. 

Tink has a matter-of-fact, non-judgmental, yet no B.S. teaching style. He fosters a safe learning environment that encourages dialog, so people can ask questions and get real answers.

Intended Audience: Dental offices that participate with Texas Medicaid. Specifically, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Office Managers, and Front Office/AdministrativeTeam Members.


Course Description:

The dental profession is subject to a multitude of rules and relations. While the rules and regulations are available, dentists and their staff are left to their own devices to find them, learn them, and comply with them. Neither the dental board nor Medicaid representatives will answer questions except to read the rules when asked how to apply them. Well, it is time for a change!

This course will explore topics including ‘how often to review medical and dental histories’, informed consent for treatment, a permissible delegation of duties for auxiliary staff, rules and regulations related to prescribing controlled substances, rules related to sedation/anesthesia, and recordkeeping. The presentation will detail the multitude of documentation/recordkeeping requirements from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, and the Texas Medicaid program.


Course Objectives:

Participants will learn:  

  • The changes to the TSBDE Rule Concerning the standard care in Texas for vital signs and medical histories
  • The rules and best practices related to informed consent
  • Rules concerning permissible delegation of duties for dental assistants particularly those of coronal polishing and sealant placement
  • Rules pertaining to clinical documentation requirements for nitrous oxide, minimal sedation, moderate sedation and deep sedation/ general anesthesia
  • Signature requirements for clinical notes.


AGD CE Code:          565 – Documentation and Risk management

                                    340 - Anesthesia, Pain Mgmt, Sedation, Pharmacology

                                    345– Prescription Medication Management


Notices Concerning Risk Management/Recordkeeping CE:

· Rule 104.1 states, “As a prerequisite to the biennial renewal of a dental or dental hygiene license, proof of completion of 24 hours of acceptable continuing education is required. Up to 8 hours of coursework may be in risk-management courses. Acceptable "risk management" courses include courses in risk management, record-keeping, and ethics.”

· Rule 114.2 states, “a dental assistant must complete six (6) hours of continuing education each year in areas covering dental assistant duties. At least three(3) of these six (6) hours must be clinical continuing education.”

1.5 - Hour Lecture Credit

The course is $29/person.

This course will be hosted as a live webinar by Dental Compliance Specialists. For questions or assistance, please email or call 817-755-0035.

Refunds/Exchanges allowed up to 7 days prior to the course date. To request a refund, email or call 817-755-0035.


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