Compliance Alert Network

Dental Compliance Alert Network Membership

The Compliance Alert Network is one of the most affordable dental industry compliance help systems that you will find on the market today. With the Compliance Alert Network membership, you receive a monthly newsletter, and access to online compliance tools that are hard to find anywhere else. Our system is designed to give you an affordable option for up-to-date information on the rules and regulations designed to regulate the dental industry in your area.

HIPAA & OSHA Staff Training

When you need HIPAA and OSHA training for your staff, the Compliance Alert Network membership gives you the training options you need to meet the requirements in your area. You can train your staff at any time, either in a large group or set up individually at the computer. This saves you time and energy, and easy access to training means compliance with training regulations will be a simple process.

Dental Compliance Helpline and Online Tools

This membership also offers access to our Helpline of experienced compliance specialists who are ready to answer the questions you have about your dental practice, and the compliance with all state and federal regulations. We have a vast network of online tools, forms and materials that you can access with this low cost membership option.

We are a premier dental compliance agency here to meet the needs of all dental practices. When it comes to complying with federal and state regulations, we are here for you. Our experience in the field of dental practice investigations, and our commitment to providing high-quality customer service are unparalleled in the market today. If you have recently had a claim filed against you, we are just the resource you need to get back into running a successful dental office.

Dental Compliance Specialists offers a number of packages to help you stay on top of compliance issues, and it all begins with a membership into the Compliance Alert Network. When you want up-to-date information about dental practice compliance all in one place, this is the platform for you. We make sure that all information provided is the most recent available, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on more important things.