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With so many state and federal agengies governing dental practices, it's nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes and compliance gets complicated. Find out how to simplify things. The first step is to find out where you are.

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The Challenge

Your charts are the highest point of liability in your practice. When you have a variety of staff inputting data into your patient records, it is inevitable that records are not 100% accurate. In addition, most practitioners have no training on the skill of record keeping and have no idea what the insurance companies are expecting. Most practices don’t have systems in place to monitor their charting accuracy. 

The Solution

Dental Record Auditing
Dental chart auditing and coding reviews are essential in order to maintain a compliant dental practice and assure correct charge capture and billing practices.

It is always reassuring to have an outside agency to come in and audit your billing files. You may discover that a staff is not billing correctly, or that there are some differences in what has been billed and what has been paid to your practice. An audit completed by our company can reassure you that your staff are truly trustworthy, or we may discover some internal problems that need to be addressed.

We will look through your system to ensure that all of your billing codes are up to date, and that all patient treatments are billed correctly. We often find that dental practices don’t bill for all the services they perform, and this creates a loss in your overall profit. To get your patient records in compliance with all state and federal regulations, we recommend at the minimum a yearly audit of all of your patient records.

When you are ready to make sure your practice records are in compliance, our experienced staff are waiting for you to make the call. Together we will address any problems found in your charting, and we will make suggestions based on our years of experience in patient records for dental offices.

Maximize your collections (legally)
Minimize losses
Ensure that your records will actually support you
Make record audits painless

The Benefits

Patient records hold the key to your coding and billing, which in turn controls how much profit you make every year. With our compliance specialist team, we will audit your records as a neutral party to ensure that records are 100% accurate.
We will look through your records and make sure that what you bill for services matches your patient records, and what you receive is in line with the bills you have submitted to insurance companies.
Chart audits serve a multitude of purposes including; protection against fraudulent billing, identification of the use of out-dated codes, pinpointing of documentation issues before Medicaid or other insurance carriers challenge your billing practices.
With the help of chart audits, we will help you discover where you may be missing revenue, the strengths and weaknesses of your documentation and record keeping practices.
We work FOR dentists, and you can be assured we exist to help you build a wall around your practice. Our staff has many years of experience in compliance investigation and risk management and are pros at teaching dentists how to create records that support their dentistry.
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“The laws are constantly changing, and not knowing is not a defense. Having Duane come into your office is the best money that I have ever spent. He was an investigator for the Dental Board, he knows what to look for. By the end of the audit you know you will be in compliance with the Dental Board, HIPAA, and OSHA.”

R. McNeill, DDS, MD

I wanted to thank you for helping me/our office to better understand what is required to be HIPAA compliant. I was very nervous about your visit but you were so nice and un-intimidating. I felt very comfortable and after being with you for a while I knew as you said you were there to help us.

I have already sent your information to a friend at another dental office and told her how nice you were.

I appreciate your service and wish now I had called you 2 years ago when I first received your information. It could have saved me 2 years of misery & worry.

I feel much better now & more confident that I am up to speed.”

JoEllen Christophel

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