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With so many state and federal agengies governing dental practices, it's nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes and compliance gets complicated. Find out how to simplify things. The first step is to find out where you are.

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Here’s The Challenge

Dentists have more to comply with than just than OSHA and HIPAA regulations (though these are quite important). Depending on the state there are about a dozen state and federal regulatory agencies that enforce laws affecting the dental practice. 

When the government sets foot in a dental practice they often find other things that are ‘wrong’ and the dentist, as the Captain of the ship, is held responsible for every problem ‘they’ find. These issues can range from OSHA/ infection control violations, unlawful marketing practices (civil/ criminal), Standard of Care/ malpractice issues, patient abandonment, patient hospitalization or death, drug diversion, and HIPAA violations, to fraudulent billing practices.

Here’s The Solution

The Compliance Advantage Program

Dental Compliance Specialists presents The Compliance Advantage Program. This program was designed for Dentists who want a Done-With-You Compliance Program with all the bells and whistles. The Compliance Advantage Program introduces a system of compliance that is very simple and easy to implement, yet heads above our competition in substance and depth.

Compliance is complicated. We take the guesswork out of it and help you develop processes that are  sustainable. We help you manage your compliance program while freeing up your time so that you can focus on what you do best! We do all the heavy lifting and guide you every step of the way.

Face-to-face inspections in office every month! We train your staff and send reports after each meeting.

Detailed reports with our findings. We tell you what we fixed on the call and how to fix what’s left. 

We train and monitor your staff and will work with new staff to get them up to speed on their compliance responsibilities.

Access to checklists, customized forms, charting templates and tons of other resources to keep compliance simple. 

One-on-one helpline support with compliance emergencies, questions or concerns! 


CUSTOMIZED manuals- OSHA, HIPAA, Radiology, Controlled Substances and Medicaid if applicable.

We stay on top of changes in regulations and push updates out to clients with tool and suggestions for implementing new rules.

We know your name when you call! We are not a gigantic corporation where you a nameless minion! 

Solution Benefits

Identify and correct compliance issues in your practice, all the while training your staff and leaving you at the helm. 

Provide guidance on situations that have a compliance impact. 

Provide oversight to support owners and stakeholders in the operation of a successful compliant practice.

Provide compliance training and continuing education credit to client teams.

Provide tools and practical guidance to operating within your risk tolerance level.  

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So we had a visit from DSHS today to do a radiology inspection and we passed with flying colors. After seeing our manual she checked one x-ray unit and said she was gone. She told my staff “I’m sure everything else is ok because no one ever has documentation this good”
Thanks for all the great manuals and being great at what you do. It’s made my life much less stressful.


Brian Hill DD

I wanted to thank you for helping me/our office to better understand what is required to be HIPAA compliant. I was very nervous about your visit but you were so nice and un-intimidating. I felt very comfortable and after being with you for a while I knew as you said you were there to help us.

I have already sent your information to a friend at another dental office and told her how nice you were.

I appreciate your service and wish now I had called you 2 years ago when I first received your information. It could have saved me 2 years of misery & worry.

I feel much better now & more confident that I am up to speed.”

JoEllen Christophel

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