Times Have Changed, No Really, They Have!

I teach the principle that “if it is not documented, it did not happen”, which is still true. Today, though, there is a new concern…. “You documented it, but was it really necessary, did it really exist and did you really do it?”   More practices today are using...

3 Ways Dentists Get Into Trouble with HIPAA (OCR)

There are several tracks that lead you down a path to BIG trouble with the federal government for HIPAA violations. For brevity we will look at the top three. #1 – Patient Complaint to the HHS Office for Civil Rights In the era patients are well informed of their...

The Case for Dental Record Auditing

Physician practices and hospitals routinely audit for compliance, risk management, revenue cycle and quality of care issues.  They don’t necessarily like it, but they’ve settled into the routine of doing it to minimize their losses in the ever-increasing fight for...
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